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Virtual machine installation

If you don't have access to an existing Kubernetes cluster, you can install SlackerNews into a VM (where an embedded version of Kubernetes will be installed as part of the app installation process).

Supported operating systems

We recommend Ubuntu 20.04, but also support the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04
  • CentOS 7.4 and up (but not CentOS Stream)
  • RHEL 7 and RHEL 8
  • Oracle Linux 7.4 - 8.5
  • Amazon Linux 2

Machine size

We recommend 16 GB of RAM and 4 cores minimum. We recommend at least 100 GB of persistent, SSD disk to run.


curl -sSL | sudo bash

Follow the CLI instructions about any preflight check warnings and then guiding you to port :8800 for a UI-based configuration experience. You'll need to upload the license file that was generate for you and you should have already followed the instructions to on how to create your Slack app to generate the necessary tokens.