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Application configuration

Once the chart is installed and running, you can configure the application at:

http[s]://<ip address>/admin

(The exact URL is going to vary based on how you installed and configured the chart).

The application configuration is split into several sections:


This is used to control which users have access to SlackerNews. We currently support Slack Auth only.

Chrome Plugin

The SlackerNews Chrome plugin is the easiest way for site admins to turn the urls collected and displayed into a more rich experience by collecting page titles for each link (without having to integrate with each authenticated service directly.)

Google Drive

Create a GCP project - IAM -> Service Accounts - Create new name: SlackerNews service account id: description: used to get page titles for google drive items role: basic / viewer continue. done. Important find the new row and copy the Oauth2 Client ID On the new service account: - manage keys -> create new key (JSON format)

Log in to Add New paste in the clientid scope:

In slackernews: - paste the json key into the configuration for google drive and enable


SlackerNews will also use the service account key on this page to retrieve the titles of the repos, issues, users etc shared.