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Troubleshooting SlackerNews

Sometimes things aren't working right and we've included some built-in tools to help troubleshoot your installation.

Support bundles

The first place to start troubleshooting is to collect a support bundle. A support bundle is a single archive that has redacted logs, metrics, and other data about the installation. Application data and sensitive information (IP addresses, passwords, etc) are all automatically redacted from this archive.

Using admin console

If you have deployed SlackerNews with the optional App Manager you should be able to navigate to <yourdomain>:8800 or by running kubectl kots admin-console -n slackernews (or into whatever namespace you're using) and then navigating to the "Troubleshoot" tab.

Using the CLI

If you don't have access to the admin console, you can also collect the same support bundle from the CLI, assuming you have kubectl access to the cluster:

kubectl krew install support-bundle
kubectl support-bundle oci://

The CLI will tell you where the archive is saved. If the built-in analyzers don't solve your problem, please contact us and send the support bundle archive for our team to look at.