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Advanced Deployment Options


SlackerNews uses a TimescaleDB database to store and track activity on shared links. The standard Helm chart includes a containerized version of Timescale to run, and defaults to enabling this.

It may be preferrable to run your own Timescale database, if you'd prefer to manage the stateful components of SlackerNews separately.

If you want to run Timescale outside of the cluster, use the following parameters to helm install or helm upgrade:

--set timescale.deploy_timescale=false \
--set timescale.uri=postgres://...


Once you've created a Slack app, you'll need the ClientID, ClientSecret, and Bot Token to use as parameters:

--set slack.clientId=3688491666547.38597... \
--set slack.clientSecret=96761d... \
--set slack.token=xoxb-3688491666...